Invite Code for Refind

We'll make it easy, click here, or paste this link to gain access to Refind and earn 20 coins:

Ok, now what is Refind, and why could you potentially want an invite? (I'm testing this out, so consider this a work-in-progress)


1. They make it easy to find news that matters to you. 

Almost immediately after setting up my account, they were letting me know that I had a nice little magazine that surfaced 36 relevant links for me...out of 338,000. That's not too shabby.

news for you

2. They are giving away a new digital coin / digital currency to early adopters.

Read more about what they are doing here: . From the top of their page, they say "We’re creating a new category—relevance—to let you discover, save, and read what’s worth your attention. To make it happen, we’re giving away 1 billion coins to early users for free and we’ll buy them back later with our profits." 

They also mention that this is not a token sale, or ICO, but a token giveaway. Their product seems pretty sweet so far, and if there's any reason this may have some material value some day, I'd give them an honest look (like I'm doing right now).

giving away a billion coins

3. I'll let ya know more as I check them out...but until then, you might as well sign up to get some tokens!