Augmented Reality Experience Catalog

For this release of the Envrmnt app, we wanted to repurpose it as a singular access point for the various augmented reality (AR) experiences we had developed. I redesigned the app's visual layout to be a bit more playful and fun, using large circular patterns for page backgrounds and list items. By centralizing a number of our key experiences into a single app with unique layout, our team has been able to more efficiently demonstrate our tech at trade shows and meetings.

I didn't need to write up many new requirements because most of the experiences had been defined previously. Most of this design updates were visual, so I created a new spec with Zeplin and worked with the iOS and Android devs to make the changes. I also provided an InVision prototype so our devs and our QA team could get a clear visual of how the update should appear and function.

The app update was needed prior to our engagement this year at Mobile World Congress. Video of a MWC participant can be seen from the Periscope video below.