Vanishing Hour Watch Face

Motorola had a contest for their upcoming smart watch, the Moto 360. I submitted this design under the name "Vanishing Hour" because the hour was to be displayed in the middle, and as the minute hand worked its way around the face, the hour would be gradually dimmed.

The design was well received, becoming one of 10 finalists out of over 1300 submissions. There was plenty of press about the contest finalists as well, with the face appearing in various tech blog sites like The Verge and Huffington Post It ultimately finished third in the voting. 

UPDATE: Since the launch of the Moto 360, a number of developers have endeavored to turn this design into an actual watch face for Android Wear, which is pretty neat. It even looks pretty solid on a square watch like the Asus ZenWatch (pictured below).

If you're interested you can grab a direct APK download from here for free! Thanks to Thomas Gladdines for the effort! You can also download a modified/customizable variation of the face from the Google Play Store directly as developed by Pol Amorós for only $0.99.